Heaven's Door

Project Info:

Made for Global Game Jam 2022 @ Game Developers Portugal

Theme of the challenge - duality

Made with JavaScript (Phaser engine)

Done within 48h from scratch (29th to 30th Jan)

Game story

The devil(player) is in heaven looking after colleting 5 hell crystals (done)

while avoiding the enemies throwing peace balls that kill him (not done)

the player can kill the enemies with a sword (not done)

after collecting the crystals, shall reach the gate to pass level (done)

if the player falls from the clouds to the ground, will go to hell (done)

when in hell, the player becomes an angel in upside position (done)

the game play becomes opposite with an opposite gravity (not done)

a timer starts and the player has to reach the gate back to heaven (not done)

but meanwhile needs to collect 3 heaven crystals to open the gate (not done)

while avoiding the enemies throwing fire balls that kill him (not done)

if the timer ends before reaching the gate, the player dies (not done)

4 tasks (40%) done | 6 tasks (60%) not done


⇦ key - move left

⇨ key - move right

⇧ key - jump

Space - attack


Programmer - Manuel Serol

Game designer - Nuno Sá

Sound maker - Diogo Neto

Characters sprites artist - Daniel Pinhão

Backgrounds and tiles artist - Eduarda


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